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About We Global

WE Global was established and consolidated from members with more than 10 years of experience in the immigration, investment and study abroad industries. We work directly with the world's leading immigration experts and lawyers; close and extensive relationships with partners are investment funds, strategic analysis funds, real estate and transnational investment groups and prestigious educational institutions.

Our Mission


Becoming a leading immigration consulting unit in Vietnam and the region, a bridge connecting the East and West coasts, contributing to building a bright future for thousands of Vietnamese families in developed countries.


As an effective and reliable study abroad recruitment unit, contributing to the development of high human resources for the country as well as providing learning opportunities and access to advanced education in the new era.



Immigration Consulting

Consulting on immigration programs, naturalization be-spoke USA, Australia, Canada and Europe according to each customer’s individual conditions/requirements.


Education Consulting

Consulting to study in the US, Australia and Canada from high school to graduate school; Complete the admission process and apply for a student visa.


Investor Advisory Support

Support and advise investors on procedures and related issues from the preparation of documents until the investor integrates into a new life.

Why Choose Us

Professional, dedicated staff, committed to accompanying customers throughout the process of using WE Global’s services.

In-depth due diligence to ensure the selection of safe and effective projects, the best schools, the most suitable for the financial capacity and academic ability of each student/student.

Strong, reputable, transparent partner.

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